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STANCEBrand Campaign Creative

Call them collaborators, instigators, or luminaries - Stance's "Punk and Poets" are the characters that give a voice to what the brand believes and lives for. Their mediums are as diverse as their messages, but they all speak the same language of bold and creative expression.    - Eric Swisher

Stance is a company who's product runs the gamut from high end luxury tees to outlandishly eccentric novelty socks. Well known for its highly sought after licensing items, the brand's individual visual identity proved difficult for consumers to pin point amongst a sea of product that so greatly hinged on the identity of its collaborators.

Birthed by a growing desire to define the 'uncommon thread' that tied the brand together and a need for a unified suite of versatile assets that could be deployed for various marketing and advertising opportunities, Stance created the 'Brand Campaign', a robust suite of creative assets that showcases both the iconic artists and disruptors the brand partners with

as well as featured product.

Brand campaign creative was concepted and designed in house, commissioned by thread artists Jose Romussi and Victoria Villasana and re-assembeled again in house. Creative was used for a multitude of international billboards, events, social media, and print ads.

Process Insights

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